The Boston Globe Showcases CENTURY

CENTURY was prominently featured in the Insider section.

Previously printed in <i>The Boston Globe</i>

Previously printed in The Boston Globe

With dark colors trending throughout the home, from navy kitchen cabinetry to all-black bedrooms, the debut of Benjamin Moore’s new paint line is perfectly on point. CENTURY by Benjamin Moore, aimed at architects and interior designers but available to everyone, comes in a curated palette of 75 new colors, ranging from mid-tones to dark shades of plum, claret, copper, topaz, jade, sapphire, and charcoal. Its most significant selling point is its soft-to-the-touch matte finish that the company likens to the feel of a soft leather glove. As for how to keep such an appealingly tactile surface fingerprint-free, we’re not exactly sure, but we’re guessing it’s worth the effort.

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