The Ultimate Accent Wall

Architectural details and the soft touch matte finish of CENTURY come together to create arresting accent walls for two Benjamin Moore-painted rooms.

A Minimalist Living Room Features a Bold Accent Wall in CENTURY VIRIDIAN O6.  Other Walls are Painted in White Dove OC-17, Benjamin Moore Aura<sup>®</sup> Interior Paint, Matte.

A minimalist living room features a bold accent wall in CENTURY VIRIDIAN O6.

Homeowners and interior designers alike recognize that painting is a quick and easy way to infuse any room with a fresh new look. That concept is pushed further with CENTURY, a luxurious paint that effortlessly breathes depth into every brushstroke.

Warming Up a Large Space

Recently, Benjamin Moore’s creative team chose CENTURY paint to enliven two separate accent walls in a newly renovated original cottage in Alabama. Not only would CENTURY highlight each wall’s striking architectural details, its upholstery-like finish would lend warmth to the large-sized rooms.

“The soft touch finish of CENTURY truly transforms the rooms into a more intimate, welcoming space,” says Felicity Keane, Benjamin Moore’s Creative Director.

The choice of paint sheen can also contribute to the mood of a space.  “A room with a lot of light benefits from a matte finish,” Felicity adds, going on to cite how glare from each rooms’ windows was significantly reduced thanks to the CENTURY-painted wall.

The Power of Rich, Bold Color

“If you have a lot of light in a space, you have greater license to use darker colors,” says Color & Design Expert Nivara Xaykao.  “Green is a great “gateway” into darker colors as it captures the energy of nature in whatever shade.” CENTURY VIRIDIAN O6 on a beveled accent wall provides a nice bridge between earthy wood fixtures and neutral, modern furnishings in the room.

In the dining area, soft black CENTURY OBSIDIAN Q5 makes for a sumptuous backdrop in the monochromatic space. An array of cool, charcoal furniture is warmed up by the mahogany wood floors, and the home accessories in the built-in shelving enjoy an elegant frame of deep OBSIDIAN Q5.

A Casual Dining Area Includes an Accent Wall with Built-In Bookcases in CENTURY OBSIDIAN Q5.  Other Walls are Painted in White Dove OC-17 in Benjamin Moore Aura<sup>®</sup>, Matte.

A casual dining area includes an accent wall with built-in bookcases in CENTURY OBSIDIAN Q5.