CENTURY Featured in New York Spaces Magazine

New York Spaces, devoted to celebrating the best of New York area design, profiles CENTURY.

Previously printed in New York Spaces Magazine.

Previously printed in New York Spaces Magazine.

There is, arguably no more important choice when designing a room than the paint color for the walls. Whether it’s a vibrant accent wall, or a classic four-wall job, the color selection sets the tone and foundation for all of the room’s other elements. Five years in the making, Century by Benjamin Moore combines cutting-edge technology with limited batch quantities to create a velvety smooth, pure color.

“Century is really an innovation that doesn’t exist right now in the marketplace,” says Harriette Martins, senior brand manager at Benjamin Moore. “We describe the finish like a soft leather, a fabric-like look to the wall to give it a whole new dimension, almost two-dimensional.”

The inspiration for the line came directly from Benjamin Moore’s customers. “When we spoke to our customers, they were looking for something more unique than just a color on the wall,” says Martins. “The 75 new colors we’re debuting are a very curated palette, so they are the best hues within their color families. It’s the most exclusive line we offer.”

The absence of white in the new color collection is deliberate, with the spotlight shining exclusively on rich jewel tones.

“It definitely took many iterations with the color design team and the research and development teams to perfect each of the new colors,” says Martins. “But what we achieved was a beautiful harmony within the color family.”