Century is for fine designers. It's for those who go beyond flawless execution to create rooms full of intrigue and imagination. Century gives walls aliveness, an unprecedented richness and depth of color unlike anything the design world has seen.

Master Craft Meets High Art

A view from a living area into a light-filled hallway is complemented by hardwood floors and an ornate end table set against Bittersweet Vine-painted walls.
An entryway features a Yarrow-painted wall stretching upwards towards an atrium, crowned by a ceiling adorned with architectural wooden slats.
Antique picture frames are propped against a worn wooden beam in a glowing, yellow-hued study.
An angled ceiling and walls in rich Obsidian frame a stack of giant antique books with a single blue chalice on top; a curved door opens to a hallway beyond.
A black antique hutch showcases elegant stemware in a dining room, and a rich Sumac wall adds color contrast in tandem with a contemporary mesh chair.
A smattering of small, rosy apples add a pop of color upon a dark antique table in an elegant living room; a glimpse of the outdoors peeks through a window-paned door.
Textured pillows are strewn underneath a delicate dangling lamp beneath a vertical trilogy of miniature framed butterfly prints in an intimate sitting room.

Sight Meets Touch

Basking in the outdoor light streaming  through a foyer's paned window, several miniature potted trees flourish against a backdrop of Terre Verte.
A window-paned door casts natural light on a minimalist Adirondack-style chair aside two large stacks of magazines in a sitting room.
A bevy of winsome antique garden cloches on a farmhouse table are set against a Cendrée-painted wall in a graceful dining room.
A Wild Caraway-painted wall frames a single Small Dahlia bloom on a wood foyer table.
Sea-inspired curios in a range of pink and red hues are scattered artfully on an antique bureau set off by a Cardamom wall in a bedroom.
A roll of pink parchment lies on a baroque chair underneath an antique mirror bathed in natural light against a Mica-painted entryway wall.
Breezy flowers in vintage clay pots set against Veronese Green-painted walls offer a warm welcome next to a sunroom doorway.

Color Becomes an Experience

A range of ivory-hued objets d’art are set on a living room mantle featuring a bas-relief of roaring lions.
A sitting room features a delicate gunmetal grey table flanked by two contemporary ratan chairs underneath an elaborate wall hanging.
A marble-topped table adorned with a flowering potted plant presents a romantic living room  enveloped in Açai Century paint.
In this sitting room, a contemporary pendant hovers over a well-worn wooden table and distressed leather chair.
A tall stack of well-worn, colorfully-spined books is stacked vertically upon a rich blue velvet-upholstered chair in a striking library.
An antique portrait of a distinguished-looking gentleman is perched on a farmhouse bench and accented by two black decorative bottles.
Shades of blue and violet infuse this living room with a romantic air, accented by a table topped with a pearlescent vase holding wild flowers.