CENTURY & Metropolis: Villalobos+Desio

This 3-part video series, in partnership with Metropolis, profiles several leading interior designers who share their insights on the CENTURY experience.

With CENTURY-painted canvases as their backdrop, interior designers Alberto Villalobos and Mercedes Desio discuss the unique attributes that differentiate CENTURY.

In the first of this three-part series, interior designer team Villalobos+Desio discuss their artistic commitment to telling their clients’ stories, as well as share insights into what CENTURY brings to the design table.

Known for mixing antiques and contemporary art with an aesthetic inspired by a range of cultural influences, Villalobos+Desio is always seeking unique inspirational elements to offer clients.

The duo’s extensive resource library includes a variety of materials: “We have fabric, we have tile, we have a little bit of everything,” notes Alberto Villalobos. And now they’ve added the CENTURY collection to the design layers they are able to offer their clients.

“It adds another level of craftsmanship to a room…It really brings it all together, the textures, the colors, the feel that it provides. All the things we look for when we design a space.”
— Mercedes Desio, Villalobos+Desio