Our Story

Craftsmanship, precision and beauty have been the heart and soul of Benjamin Moore since 1883. Today, our newest innovation, Century, continues this legacy.

A blurred, beautiful blend of Century paint colours is displayed dramatically on an artist’s wooden palette against a backdrop of Century’s own Cobalt.

Century is more than paint; it's an experience.

The artisan believes in precision. In keeping strict standards when not surpassing them. And more than anything… in stirring the senses.

From the careful production of every colour, to the application of the can’s signature seal – a team of craftsmen bring Century to life.

Similar to a soft leather glove, the tactile experience of Century's Soft Touch Matte Finish is not easily achieved.

Our craftsmen bring years of experience and exacting standards to the making of this paint. The formulation is intricately balanced–and made in small batches.

Every can of Century is produced in the same Benjamin Moore workshop. And to guarantee true colour, each can is delivered pre-mixed and sealed.

A Benjamin Moore craftsman works with the blend of resin and colouring that brings Century’s groundbreaking soft touch matte finish to fruition.

Years of research led to a unique resin and coloring system that created Soft Touch Matte Finish.

This innovative finish adds a tactile dimension to walls. It creates energy in the room and an unprecedented depth of colour.

It's both science and spectacle.

A tall stack of well-worn, colourfully-spined books is stacked vertically upon a rich blue velvet-upholstered chair in a striking library.

Made for designers, this innovative paint comes in a curated collection of 75 colours with unprecedented depth. The complex blend of art and science creates a paint that stands in a category of its own.

Century is a new dimension in paint and design.